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Dinner with women

Saturday evening I have a dinner appointment with 7 other women. We are all Dutch women and every two months we set a date for having dinner together. And it is always such a nice evening. We have chosen a restaurant with Belgium food like mussels with Belgium french fries. That sounds stupid. The Belgium fries have thicker slices than the french fries. They are lovely. There is also some other nice food at that restaurant for the women who don't like mussels. First we will go for a drink somewhere and as soon as we start talking nothing can ...

Renting a castle

I've recently been looking up a chateau in France. I would really like to buy it, but I haven't even got close to the money needed to buy it. But I think I'll settle with renting the place for a weekend. I want to surprise my family on our vacation. They know we're going to France, but they have no idea what I've got planned. They're going to be really surprised when they realised I've rented a castle. We have it all to ourselves as well which is really cool. 

A gps bracelet for my daughter

I've always cared about my daughter. I'm always afraid that she'll get lost or something when she's not at home. I know I'm probably worrying to much, but that's one of my duties of a father. I have to worry about her! I'm actually thinking of contacting a company called pfo that offers gps bracelets. It's a really smart invention that lets you track someone through a gps when they're not at home. And you can get really nice looking bracelets, so I think she'll like it. I'm going to talk to her about it.